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Racing in Italy was founded in order to give an answer to those who seek any motorsports events in Italy!

Either to watch or to actually participate , Racing in Italy provide the answer and the right product for you.

We have many type of cars and we host in many type of racing circuits , mostly on our home track near Milan.


  • We provide experience on supercars and Racing cars from almost all types.

  • We provide racing courses on Formula Cars, Drift cars and Motorcycles.

  • We even provide a motorsport guided tours for car museums and motorsport events.

  • We have a workshop of fixing and improving racing cars and motorcycles.

  • We have a bar and a restaurant at the track that will give you a great sensation of what is this world of motorsport…

Our team is build out of mechanics/track controllers and professional racing drivers as instructors.


Please feel free to ask us any question in regards to any motorsport activity in Italy….We know them all !


We welcome you to choose your future experience with us and we hope to hear back from you soon.


Racing in Italy team

About Oren Shibi our chief instructor


Oren has many years of experience in the motorsport industry including racing, teaching, building and analyzing racing cars.

Oren is an electronic engineer by profession and a former Israeli Air Force technician.

Oren started back in 1994 by learning the basic foundations of racing at the most famous racing school of Jim Russell at Donington Park, England.

Following that year he has participated in few races in the Formula Ford championship in England

In 1997 Oren participated in the Formula 3 club championship in Italy with one of the former cars of Jacques Villeneuve.

In 2011 Oren established a racing team , initially for his 6 years old son to participate in the Italian Go Kart championship which become open for more kids.

In 2015, Oren joint venture with his Italian partner to the race track. alongside Oren established a greater racing team that included Formula cars.  

Today Racing in Italy team runs for the Italian championship of Formula 4 with great results.


During these years Oren has also established a dream cars workshop, SeviMotors, where he had constructed his first (and only till now) Road Racing Car- a replica of the mythological Super 7.

The car was built from many pieces gather from more than 40 different providers and many other parts done by hand at the workshop. It was a project of more than 6 months that gave birth to a wonderful SeviMotors Super 7

SeviMotors is in-charge of:

  • Building cars from scratch to full running racing machines!!!!

  • Engine development, electronic management set up individually for each driver, carbon handmade pieces, electronic wiring and setup, performance braking and fuel systems setup

  • Design projects from dream to reality

  • Diagnostics , repairing faults

  • Power and strength engineering

After realizing that we can provide a circuit and fun cars to the people, we have decided to establish a new activity that will help ANYONE to be able to race/test drive/check almost any car they want on a racing track for reasonable prices. This is where Racing in Italy was born!



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